BREAKING: Suspect fatally shot by police in Clay County on Facebook Live

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A tense stand-off ended Wednesday evening with police fatally shooting a man with a gun. The man had fired several rounds off and aimed at police and others numerous times. He lunged toward the officer during close negotiations, prompting the fatal shot.

Written by Amyjax


  1. his name is gary warbritton this is my home town and they should have ended it sooner it was at a heavy traffic area when people get off work when he was shooting and refused to drop his weapon police should have dropped him then there is to many innocent civilians around its protect and serve not stand there with your thumb up your ass i mean put up road blocks or something but if we had good police there would have been only one first responder before he could put anyone in harms way im not saying lethal force was necessary but they had plenty of opportunities to apprehend the suspect with non lethal force this is terrible police work and im sure im not the only one that thinks this should be under investigation

  2. Very sad to see. Such a dark world we seem to be living in. The cop did all he could to save this man but there is only so much you can do. Prayers to all the families involved…

  3. Seen enough of the racial comments, this is an unfortunate incident, Gary was a good hearted person and had a hard life,I witness many sad times with the kid at the time, if anyone thinks that officer sleeps good or has it in the very back of his mind,Your wrong!!Taken of life isn't an easy thing for anyone to do,my heart is broken for both party's.Most of all respect for both party's Thing's in the future should be looked into to see that this doesn't happen in our small community's.Why is it the that there is always someone to think of a racial issue, its a confused individual,that should clam such a thing at sad time as this.

  4. Holy Smokes!!!!
    If That Had Been WALNUT RIDGE PD…………….They Would Have Shot Him Between The Eyes and Told His Wife and Family that He Jay Walked Between a Stop Light While Robbing a Parking Meter With a Fake Silver Spoon and Resisted Arrest During a Traffic Stop and THEN Wrote him a Citation for Leaking Blood In Public.
    Later and Much Later after he complained…….The Walnut Ridge PD Would Have Written Him a Ticket and CITATION for " Bleeding In Public While In Front of an A Hole Officer ON A POWER TRIP ,".
    End of Cover UP.

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