Investment Opportunity In Jacksonville, FL – NEW Construction

Real Estate Tips: Never be afraid to negotiate a better price. With the weak housing market, perhaps the seller will be eager enough to reduce the sales price in order to sell. Those with great credit can pretty much call the shots these days. Although interest rates are at historic lows, few borrowers qualify and buyers are so scarce that they can often name their price.

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On my recent real estate field trip to Jacksonville, Florida, I learned more about their turnkey real estate investment single-family homes.

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Jacksonville has a high ratio of rent income to purchase price, which is key for investment.

The Jacksonville area has grown to more than a million residents, with substantial shipping & logistics, healthcare, and military sectors.

Here in 2018, investment inventory in most metro markets is scarce.

What has the Jacksonville provider done? They’ve built NEW construction homes. I toured them. They’re so attractive and durable that 2 to 3-year tenant leases are the norm!

In a growth market, you can buy these properties already tenanted and under their property management (or choose your own manager).

NEW construction properties often mean you’ll have lower vacancy costs, lower maintenance costs, and more consistent passive income.

You’ve heard the provider Founder Gregg Cohen on the Get Rich Education podcast with me before.

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  1. Hi Keith. My name is Daniel and i’m a 17 year old guy from Denmark. Since I was 14 years old I’ve been studying financial education, taxes, phantom income, real estate, stocks that pay dividends, and i’ve read all of Robert’s books including your book too and most of you videoes. My only question to you Keith is this: I know my strategy will be multifamily properties – at least 16 units or more so i can have a property management company run it. I wanna use the banks money and make the loan non-recourse. My question to you is: Is it too early for me to start when I turn 18 years old to buy an apartment complex? And how do I raise the down payment money?
    Best Regards

  2. I would like to contact Gregg about purchasing some of his inventory for rentals. I like Jacksonville. That’s exactly where I wanted to invest but I had not heard of a turnkey provider there.

  3. We have purchased 4 SFH turnkey rentals from Gregg and JWB. One of those is a new construction. We have been very happy with our properties and the excellent service from the whole JWB team.

  4. I live, work and play in Jacksonville, Florida. I also buy, sell & invest in real estate here too. I see JWB new construction projects popping up all over town. They are beautiful new homes that compliment the landscape and are helping to increase the value of the neighborhoods one family/home at a time. Good work guys!

home for rent jacksonville, Westside section 8 rental

home for rent jacksonville, Westside section 8 rental

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