Jacksonville Florida home inspector inspects attic after radiant barrier installation

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Continue Reading Orange Park Florida home inspector Wally Conway of HomePro Inspections captured these great shots of an Orange Park home after a spray on radiant barrier was installed. You would not belive how cool this attic was!
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  1. Got a hot attic?   A cost effective alternative to spray foam insulation is a "spray on radiant barrier". Here's a quick peak inside a cool attic! home inspection#

  2. I thought a radiant barrier needed a empty air space to reflect back.  Applying directly to roof decking can't help much.  See the videos from attic foil.  You can apply tinfoil directly to a oven burner and energy passes thru it and would burn your hand..  But hold the tinfoil about 6 inches above the oven burner and the energy is reflected back leaving your hand cool.

$360K – Big, Beautiful Home for Sale Westside Jacksonville, FL

$360K – Big, Beautiful Home for Sale Westside Jacksonville, FL

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